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What is Commercial Cleaning?

When pondering the above question, anyone may assume that any type of cleaning is quite self-explanatory. And when it comes to the fundamental purpose of cleaning and indeed majority of the methods used to get a place looking tidy and clean, there are many similarities. However, anyone who owns both a home and a business; whether that be an office, restaurant, hotel, or something else, will know that what they require from a cleaning business will differ depending on the commercial business itself.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

IVS Cleaning is a professional company offering a commercial cleaning service to businesses throughout London. London is the epicentre of the British business world and is home to around 1 million businesses, with whatever premises are suitable for whatever commercial enterprise they are running.

As you can imagine, some office-based commercial cleaning in London will differ greatly from an office based in a quieter part of the country, and will perhaps contain more levels, and office departments. Therefore, an established, professional commercial cleaning company is going to be a better choice as they will be capable of dealing with the wider scope and needs of another equally large, professional and busy established company.

Evening Time Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, London customers may prefer the cleaning to be done during closing times. For example, should it be a shop, or even a café, the last thing you want are cleaners making certain areas inaccessible, due to wet floors, slip hazards and hoover flexes trailing along passageways and making it difficult for customers to browse whatever parts of the stores they require. Commercial cleaning therefore usually entails night or evening time cleaning schedules that fit in with the needs of the customer.

Our Policies

Commercial cleaning services in London also requires the ability to exercise and implement confidentiality policies, as most offices and companies that require our cleaning services have access to private, sensitive information that cleaners would need to be respectful of. Due to the type of equipment present in any office setup, we would also need to have an understanding of how to clean electrical equipment.

Regular Cleaning London

Hoovering carpets and completing a regular dusting schedule, as well as the mopping of bathrooms and kitchens areas to keep it clean and sanitised is an essential part of any cleaning job. However, emptying trash, and keeping keypads, phones, desks and commercial shop or office building windows clean and sanitized are essential part of providing an efficient and thorough commercial cleaning service. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning will also extend the life of your carpets and furnishings, keeping seating areas and walkways free of any wear and tear, and ingrained dirt.

Having clean and organised business premises is an important and vital part of advertising and showcasing your businesses and the products and services you provide. It recommends you as a competent, and effective company, capable of providing your services to a high standard.

We are just the company to offer the commercial cleaning services London businesses and companies need. For more information check out our commercial cleaning page, and book a service with us today.

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