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Referral Program - IVS CLEANING

Referral Program
Refer a friend - and get discount - IVS Cleaning

Share your referral link and Get £10 credit to your account

Have your friends join in on the fun!

Every time a user registers a new account using your referral code, they will instantly receive £5.00 OFF their first regular booking in the IVS Cleaning app!

In return for spreading the word, you will also get a £10 discount as soon as the referee's initial service is carried out from start to finish.

The more people use your referral code to book our services, the more credits you will earn in your personal account. Collect enough credits and you could get up to 50% OFF of your next service.

Please note that your accumulated credits will be automatically spent when you make your next booking. For instance, if you hold £60 credits in your account and the service you wish to schedule cost £100, then you will use £50 worth of credits, leaving £10 credits in your account, and paying £50 for the service.

You can view your current credit balance at any time by tapping the IVS Cleaning app.

Terms & Conditions:

Referral credits can be combined with promo codes. For your convenience, available credits will be spent once the promo code is applied to the original price.

You can use referral credits to go below the minimum charge of any given service. Note that this option is only applicable for referral credits and not promotional codes.

As a part of its launch, the IVS referral program offers a £10 promotional discount for every referral booking. We reserve the right to change the amount of referral credits earned for each booking at any given time in the future.

If you cancel a booking for which you have used referral credits, said credit will be restored. However, please be advised that you will be able to use it only  for a newly made booking.

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