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We are looking for professional cleaners! Refer a cleaner to IVS and get a £50.00 bonus

Referred cleaners

Refer a cleaner and get a £50.00 bonus!

​Get a one-off bonus of £50.00 if you know a good cleaner and you send your friend to us.

If you are an existing cleaner with IVS and you know someone good and reliable cleaner, refer your friend to us and we will give you a reward. Get £50.00 for every cleaner you refer and train for us.

If you are not sure about their experience you will have the right to train your friend and make her a professional cleaner just like you! After she becomes part of our team and works with us for at least one month without negative feedback you will get your bonus of £50.00

*This is available only for IVS CLEANERS

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