Airbnb Cleaning Services - Providing Guests and Tourists with an Affordable and reliable Solution

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When you want a professional cleaner to come and clean your residential or commercial property in London, you can go with any of the many professional cleaners that are available through the service of Airbnb. With the growth of the service, more people have been able to have the luxury of having their homes professionally cleaned by people who are professionals and know what they are doing.


You can find a professional cleaner in the same way that you would find a professional cleaner for your hotel rooms and apartments, as you can with the short-term rental market. Whether you have a private home, a vacation rental property, or a business office, you can find a professional cleaner to come to your home or place of business to clean and service it for you when you need a little bit of assistance. This is one of the many benefits to renting through AirBnB and their other properties and businesses.

Professionalism is important when dealing with customers, so you will not have to worry about anything like dealing with a dirty apartment or commercial property. The services offered through AirBnB include all sorts of cleaning services from regular housekeeping to spa treatments, which are available on-demand from their online service partners. The best part about hiring a professional cleaning service company like Airbnb is that they offer a one-hour guarantee on your room or apartment if your bedsheets are soiled or if the curtains are soiled that you cannot leave your property.


It is easy to see why Airbnb has become so popular because of its affordable prices and the convenience of having your vacation rental stay clean when you need it the most. When you stay at one of the many properties that are offered through Airbnb, you will be sure to feel at home no matter where you decide to stay, whether you want a hotel room or a vacation rental in London.

How does it work?


Choose a frequency, customize & book online

Join our family and receive a referral program with discounts

Take a rest! And leave us to do the best, while you are making money with our programs

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or one-time visits available.

Fully-trained, insured & trustworthy regular cleaners.

Online management of all your bookings.

No minimum term or contact, cancel at any time.

You will have the same cleaning lady every time when you book recurring clean

What you can expect to be cleaned?
Airbnb Checklist by IVS

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*Clean bed frames. 

*Changing bed sheets.

*Wash and dry bed sheets. (You have to provide us with a washing machine and tumble dryer)
*Clean all reachable surfaces and skirting boards.
*Clean all doors, handles and light switches.
*Clean all floor surfaces.

*Empty bins.


*Clean all reachable surfaces.
*Clean and polish the sink.
*Clean and polish countertops.
*Clean and polish the appliances from outside/inside:
(microwave, oven, extractor, hot plates, fridge and other appliances)
*Clean all floors (hoover and mop)
Trough away all food left from guests.
*Empty bins


*Wash and sanitise the toilet, shower cabin, tub, and sink.
*Clean all reachable surfaces.
*Clean all mirrors and glass fixtures.
*Clean all floor surfaces.

*Fili up toiletries and supplies.

*Empty bins.



*Clean all easily reachable surfaces.
*Clean all mirrors and glass fixtures.
*Clean all floors (hoover and mop)

*Clean skirting boards.

*Refreshing and deodoring the space.

*Empty bins.

Living/Dining room/s 


*Clean all easily reachable surfaces.

*Clean all mirrors and glass fixtures.

*Vacuum the sofa and under the sofa

*Clean all floors (hoover and mop)

*Empty bins

Reports & Add ons 


*Reports on found personal belongings.
*Check on damages and report low inventory.
*Check-in guests & Check-out guests service available.
*Ironing Service