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Afte Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Services for the Best Fresh Look and Clean Feel

After Builder Cleaning
Dusting surface

IVS's after-builders cleaning services have a simple yet effective service philosophy: "Quality above all". From our industrial-strength commercial cleaning products and equipment to specialist commercial floor and window cleaning and restoration to our experienced on-site restoration team, our London after-builders cleaning services can take care of all your building cleaning needs. "At After Builders Cleaning London, we have the commercial-strength cleaning materials, technology, and professional know-how for turning post-build construction disaster areas back into the sparkly, shimmering new spaces that our clients live and work in." Call it what you want: after-builders cleaning services, post-development cleaning, contract cleaning, or after-decorating cleaning.

Whatever your building cleaning needs may be, whether it is commercial space cleaning, apartment cleaning, or house cleaning, our after-builders cleaning services will cater to all your requirements and deliver professional results every time. 

 All our after-builders cleaners undergo a complete test-and-check cycle before they leave our premises. Every cleaner must undergo a rigorous health and safety inspection to ensure no health hazards are caused during the cleaning process. Our cleaners are insured and dedicated to delivering our clients the best after-building services. Contact a reliable cleaning service provider today to get the best after-builders cleaning offers. So no more searches for post-renovation cleaning. IVS Experts are here to help you.

Quotes and Estimates

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning Services provided by IVS experts in London

After decoration cleaning

Quotes and Estimates

We normally give quotes based on the property layout but not based on the condition of the property.

When the property is in bad condition, we may not be able to finish within the time slot we quoted earlier. In cases like this, we may increase the quoted time by two to three hours per person.

You have to know that after any builders and decoration work, the dust will continue falling within the next few weeks. So you must book at least one more sparkle clean after the first after-builders cleaning.

We have a minimum charge for after-builders cleaning, which is two (2) people for (4) four hours plus £30 detergents and equipment fee. The price per hour is £25.00. 

Your minimum charge is calculated as follows:

(2p*4h*£25)+£30 = £230.00

What is NOT included when you book an After Builders Cleaning with IVS

PLEASE NOTE what is NOT included in the price:

*Cleaning of ceilings, patio, gardens, and painted walls.
*Moving of heavy and /or damaged furniture.
*Moving outfitted appliances such as oven/cooker, fridge/freezer, washing machine, dishwasher etc.
*Cleaning kitchen appliances inside us such as oven/cooker, fridge/freezer, washing machine, dishwasher etc fridge/freezer, washing machine, dishwasher etc.
*Wooden, plastic or metal blinds are not included in the price (an extra charge of £10 per blind set will occur if required).
*Parking fees are NOT included in the price. The Customer is required to provide/pay them!
*Carpet steam cleaning is not part of our standard list of after-builders cleaning tasks; we only thoroughly vacuum the carpets. Carpet steam cleaning is a separate service and must be booked/mentioned separately!
*External windows cleaning is not included in our After-builders cleaning! Windows cleaning is a separate service and must be booked/mentioned separately!

*Any builder's rubbish left is not part of our service, and we won't be responsible for throwing it away.

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