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Looking For Cleaners to Become Our Partners

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Apply for a cleaning job IVS Cleaning

IVS CLEANING is looking for cleaners to be our partners in making our clients' houses shiny. Applying for a cleaner job with IVS Cleaning is a genius move indeed. 

We are looking for cleaners with excellent experience who will always get more jobs and a higher pay rate than a non-experienced cleaner. Cleaners with long cleaning experience get more assignments, higher pay rates, and other added benefits.


Working with IVS Cleaning is a straightforward process that only requires you to fill out an application form with necessary details like your name, contact number, qualification, and job requirements. Cleaners with more experience or DBS checks will be prioritized.

 We are looking for professional cleaners to become our partners.

Apply for a cleaning job with IVS today. 

You will receive an excellent pay rate, special incentives, and all benefits. 
We are looking for a cleaner to present our name well; this is one job that will never go unnoticed by our clients or our company.

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Refer a cleaner and get a £50.00 bonus!

Referred cleaner IVS Cleaning

Refer a cleaner and get a £50.00 bonus!

​Get a one-off bonus of £50.00 if you know a good cleaner and you send your friend to us.

If you are an existing cleaner with IVS and you know someone good and reliable cleaner, refer your friend to us, and we will reward you. Get £50.00 for every cleaner you refer and train for us.

If you are unsure about their experience, you will have the right to train your friend and make her a professional cleaner just like you! After she becomes part of our team and works with us for at least one month without negative feedback, you will get your bonus of £50.00

*This is available only for IVS CLEANERS

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