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If you have eyes for details, if you clean client's houses, like your house, then you are more then welcome to join us!
We are looking for reliable, experienced and friendly ladies to join our growing team! If you take the responsibility to follow our standard of cleaning, we will be glad to be part of our team!

The Subcontractor agrees to provide cleaning service on behalf of Ivs Cleaning Ltd
only to clients who have an agreement with
Ivs Cleaning LTD signed or unsigned! (This mean that we can have a trial period and on late stage, the client can request to sign a contract with
Ivs Cleaning Ltd)

By signing this contract Subcontractor confirms that: 


1. The Subcontractor agrees to provide domestic, commercial and office cleaning services to private homes and office building in UK on behalf of Ivs Cleaning Ltd on a regular or one-off basis!


2. The Subcontractor is a self-employed person and Ivs Cleaning Ltd is not responsible for The Subcontractor's work-related injury!


3. The Subcontractor is not entitled to benefits, such a sick pay or pension contributions!


4. The Subcontractor is not employed by Ivs Cleaning Ltd and take his own responsibility to pay his NIN and taxes related to the income of each tax year!


5. The Subcontractor is solely responsible for paying his Public Liability Insurance and carrying out any appropriate insurance, having his own business name and address!


6. The Subcontractor agrees to inform Ivs Cleaning Ltd immediately of any changes in his current address and home/mobile phone number or visa status!


7. The Subcontractor agrees to comply with the specific requirements of Ivs Cleaning Ltd regarding the successful provision of the cleaning service. The Subcontractor is responsible for his work and agrees to correct unsatisfactory work in his own time and at his expense!


8. The Subcontractor agrees to keep keys for Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients homes strictly, with no attached names and addresses to them, and in a safe and secure place!


9. The Subcontractor agrees that in case of losing any key belonging to Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients to cover all the costs of replacing the key or door-lock!


10. The Subcontractor agrees to return any keys received from Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients to Ivs Cleaning Ltd on the day of the last visit, unless if not given by hand to the client!


11. When two times are proven that The Subcontractor leaves the client's home fifteen or more minutes early, The Subcontractor may lose the right to serves Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients and must pay all subsequent costs which the client can claim!


12. The Subcontractor agrees to be liable for any damage and loss to Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients property, caused by him while working behalf of Ivs Cleaning Ltd. If Damages or Loses occur and were not paid by the Subcontractor immediately, the client has right to make a claim to The Subcontractor's Public Liability Insurance Company!


13. If The Subcontractor is unqualified (with less than 1-month experience or not provide two references from his current or previous clients), The Subcontractor agrees to be trained by a trainee for at least 2 days. The training period will not be paid. The continuation of the training depends on the progress The Subcontractor will make.


14. The Subcontractor agrees to do not contact and provide service without any permission from Ivs Cleaning Ltd if that happens, then The Subcontractor will be fine with a penalty of £ 100.


15. The Subcontractor agrees to give at least 12 hours notice to Ivs Cleaning Ltd if he is not able to work by any emergency situations. If there is an arranged visit and then has been cancelled by The Subcontractor, then the same must give a good reason for the above cancellation!
Alternatively, The Subcontractor can negotiate directly with the client, in order to provide a convenient replacement service!

The Subcontractor agrees to inform Ivs Cleaning Ltd of any changes to the work's schedule within 12 hours.


 16. The Subcontractor agrees to give at least two weeks written notice if she/he is not willing to work for Ivs Cleaning Ltd clients anymore and would like to terminate this contract!


17. The Subcontractor agrees to send their weekly report till Sunday of the current week, and will be paid up to 3 days later, this amount which is owed by Ivs cleaning Ltd can be held if The Subcontractor terminates our agreement without any notice!


18. Ivs cleaning Ltd agrees to pay a one-off fee of £10 for arrange only meeting with the client without any cleaning service on that day or to pay a fee only for collecting keys for his property! The fee is £10 and can be paid directly to the cleaner to cover her lost time and travelling cost without job done on that day!



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