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Your feedbacks are essential to us! They can help us to improve our services to the level of the best cleaning companies in the UK. Please never miss posting your feedback here, after our first visit! They can help and to the new potential clients to choose us. But the most important is that our supervisors will monitor each feedback and that will increase our five stars feedbacks. That is why it is imperative to send us your feedback to us! Enjoy our services!

  Hey, just wanted to send you feedback from Elitsa's cleaning today. My partner was very pleased with her service today. Elitsa was very efficient and professional. We would be very happy to book her every week Friday if possible. Thank you  


Andrew E17

Hi! I am really happy with the work Milena did today. I look forward to having her back Thursday, Thank you 


  Myeisha NW3

  I am extremely pleased with the service from Ivs cleaning Ltd team. Highly recommend! :) 


Karen E4

  Hi Iva. I was very happy with Lidia's work today. I was wondering if we can have her regularly for 3,5 hours Thursday 


Katrine SW16

It's my first time having someone help me around the flat. Elitsa is a lovely lady, very efficient, polite, quick and attentive to details. She gets along really well with my cat and I was comfortable enough to give her a key to my flat so she could come over while we are at work. I am in direct contact with Iva who is very attentive, polite and helpful.

Thank you, girls


Olga N6

  Hi Iva, just wanted to say Emi did a really great job today - we are very pleased...please pass on our feedback! I don't have her contact details or payment details so please let me know. Thanks!  


Hannah SW2

Excellent communication from Iva and Lidia's work is amazing. Very professional and friendly and the clean is extremely thorough. Very pleased and highly recommended.  -


Samantha SW2

Hi Iva, Anastasia is very good, she's doing an amazing job. Is she available regularly? Every two weeks for two hours, during the day (not so early)? I'd like to have her back and give her keys. Let me know. Thank you for organising this. 

  Sam E17

Hi, just wanted to let you know that we're really happy with the work Elitsa did today and would love to have her to come to clean for us once every fortnight (for 2 hours). Ideally would be great if she could come at 7 am each time. Let me know if that will work :) 

Jonathan N4

Hi Iva, I just wanted to say thank you very much for providing such a great service, the cleaner was on time and very experienced. She cleaned the house really well considering it was her first time to my property. It's great to finally find someone that meets my standards and for the price! Being so local was a massive bonus, thank you 


Tony IG9

Really happy with the quality of the service Iva is providing. Also appreciate she can see what needs to be done without detailed instructions. After first deep clean we agreed on weekly visits and I would definitely recommend this company. 


  Katerina IG10

Iva was quick to come back and quote for the job and very professional in her approach.  


Nikki E15

Elitsa is a lovely woman and a great cleaner. So fast and efficient, and very considerate of my elderly mother. We are so lucky to have found her - highly recommended. 


Emma N1

Communicating with Iva was clear and easy, and the cleaner who came did a really good job. I recommend this company if you are looking for a good cleaner.   


Nick Boardman N16

Excellent service, Thank you, ladies.


Daniel Carpenter E17

Great communication, excellent cleaning x 

Luci Harrison E10

Excellent cleaners who continue to provide their service weekly for my business.  


Luke Spooner SW18

Great job with my messy place. Recommend IVS Cleaning. 


Georgia E17

Absolutely Amazing cleaning.

“Excellent! Really professional. Followed my instructions strictly, very polite and pleasant.”

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I had one-off done by them

“IVS cleaning was perfect as usual! I'm using their services for a long time now and I can highly recommend them to everyone. High professional staff and bespoke cleaning.”  

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Regular cleaning.

“Iva offers excellent communication and Elitsa, our cleaner was very efficient and thorough. A trial service was offered in the first instance and we were happy to continue using the service. Happy to recommend.”

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Cleaning and Ironing.

“They clean my flat weekly. They send the same cleaner so she knows how what to do and where things are kept. They have never missed a session and if a replacement needs to be sent I’m asked/informed in advance. They flex around my timing needs. They clean to a high standard. The price is good and they work quickly.”


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Domestic cleaning.

“They are very friendly, polite and hard workers. Great service, I use them regularly and I would be very happy to recommend them.”


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I am amazed by the service I received by Ivs cleaning. The operatives are very professional and cleaned the areas I needed for a very short time and the prices are very reasonable. I am setting up a regular clean in my property with them now.  -  Ivana Trufcheva

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Iva offers excellent communication and Elitsa, our cleaner was very efficient and thorough. A trial service was offered in the first instance and we were happy to continue using the service. Happy to recommend.  -  Mark E17

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Iva is great at managing the cleaning relationship, and the standard of cleaning is excellent. Very flexible and responsive too. Would recommend to anyone. - Sion Davies SW18

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If you’re looking for a truly professional cleaning services Ivs
cleaning is the right one!
Quality work good customer service and nice staff highly recommend!  -  Petar

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Iva was brilliant at finding the right cleaner for our home. Lidia our cleaner is reliable and trustworthy and she does a brilliant job. We’ve recommended Iva’s company to my friends who are equally happy! 
Mrs Gomez  -  Martsie Gomez

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Very effective cleaning job - Ramya E18

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