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To ensure that your house or office facility is clean and safe, only trust a reliable and professional cleaning company that can provide complete cleaning services. Hiring professional cleaners will free you from performing difficult chores and free your time so you can do more important things. 


We understand that every customer has different needs and requirements, so our cleaning services are tailored to your requirements. You can choose the best time for your cleaners to come, how often you want them to visit, and the tasks you want them to do. 

Qualified Specialists

IVS Services operates with seasoned and insured practitioners, who under our monitoring receive further training

8+ years of business experience


Thanks to our expertise in the cleaning and our feedbacks you can be confident that a competent solution and excellent final results can be achieved.

Friendly and expert customer service


To answer all your questions in a timely fashion, you can count on our polite and knowledgeable customer service members.

Services under routine supervision


To ensure that our customers receive high-standard quality outcomes every time, the services we offer are checked on a regular basis.

Unbeatable market prices


Share with us the details of the service you need for your business and we will provide you with a free customized quote based on your needs.



During and after work hours, including nights, public holidays and weekends, you can make your sure that we can organise your service appointment with confidence.

Trained cleaners

Fully Insured

Vetted & Monitored

Cancel any time

No Hidden Fees

Same cleaner/team

We operate 24/7 during the Lockdown, to be ensured that we deliver premium service to our business clients

We follow strictly the Latest Government Guidelines to make sure that both sides of our partnership are safety.

We have never received a bad review. And we hope never to get one!

24/7 services are available to fit your needs and to follow the social distancing.

Customers support service with a member of our team over WhatsApp chat group or email.

Customers discount when you choose a second service with us.

Unbeatable market prices for commercial cleaning services.

Public Liability Insurance up to £10 000 000,00

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Select your service and book online

Easy manage, cancel and reschedule online all your upcoming bookings

Leave the rest to us! We'll make your house shine like a diamond

No cancellation fees, no long contracts, we need only two weeks notice for every service we provide.

Key Holder Agreement available if necessary before we start servicing your property.

Flexible payment methods. Cash, Bank transfer, Card payments, Invoices

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in London

With over a dozen things on your to-do list, cleaning your home and your office doesn’t have to be one of them. Leave the mop and broom to us, and we’ll make it our business to keep your space clean and tidy for you.

Just picture this: no more dusty cabinets and window blinds filled with grime. You can come home to a spotless sanctuary and kick back after a long day at work. Alternatively, you can also call us to manage the mess and dirt in your office with our commercial cleaning services. Either way, we can provide you with the best cleaning services in and around London. 

We’ve built a name for ourselves by providing the best and most reliable home cleaning and office cleaning services in the area. We take pride in being one of the most trusted cleaning companies and London, and we’ll be more than happy to extend our services to you. 

What cleaning and housekeeping services can we offer? 

Our company is all about lessening the load for homeowners and business owners like you. We provide cleaning services that are tailored to your needs. We provide thorough cleaning services that our clients love--from dusting, polishing, sweeping, vacuuming, and so much more!

Whatever you need a basic one-off cleaning to set your household and office in order, or need a specialised cleaning done in your space, we can do just that. Let us know what specific maid services you need, and we can arrange to get the job done for you. 
Home Cleaning
Step into a clean, sanitised, and fresh-smelling home with our professional home cleaning services. Get your home ready for guests or simply revel in a pristine and relaxing home with our services. Book your appointment with us to take a step toward a happy home life. 

Commercial Cleaning

Can’t think properly with all the clutter and dirt in your workspace? Not to worry--we offer the best cleaning services in London. Your path to a productive work environment starts with an appointment with us--so call now!

Talk to us about our cleaners and our services >>

Regular Cleaning vs One-Off Deep Cleaning

We can cater to a variety of house cleaning and office cleaning requirements, but we generally offer regular cleaning or a one-off cleaning to our clients. 

Regular Cleaning

This is perfect for those who need the extra hand on a regular basis. We can help you with your weekly duties by dusting your home, washing your laundry and ironing them, and so much more. We can tailor our services based on your office’s or household’s needs. 

We know just how stressful it can be to manage so many things at once. And so, we’re taking one item off your task list: maintaining a clean and spotless space. With our regular cleaning service, we’ll handle your domestic duties for you. 

One-Off Deep Cleaning

Can’t commit to a regular cleaning subscription with us? Don’t worry--you can arrange for a one-off cleaning with us too. We’ll offer a thorough service for you so you can get a headstart on maintaining a clean and happy home or office. 

So go on--give yourself permission to hire the experts even just this one time. We will get to work right away and hand you over a pristine and spotless space. 

Other Tailored Services
Each of our clients has different cleaning needs, and we strive to address all of them. If you have a special cleaning request for us, then we can arrange for that too. Just let us know ahead of what job you need us to do so we can prepare our materials accordingly. 

Our Aim

Our business has been modelled to cater primarily to people like you. Your needs are our top priority and we will invest our best efforts to make sure that you get the best possible cleaning services in the area. 

Our cleaners are vetted and thoroughly trained
Our cleaners make up our company, and we make sure that they are properly trained and equipped with the best tools to keep your space clean. 

We tailor our services according to your needs - bespoke cleaning
We design our cleaning procedure based on your requests. We make sure to always deliver and even exceed expectations.

You can expect our 100% effort
We take pride in our work, and you’ll be sure to see it in our output. 

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No more searching "cleaning services around me", because we’re finally here to address all of your domestic cleaning and office cleaning needs. Say goodbye to dust and specks of dirt with our help. 

Here, we don’t just sell our services, but the experience of stepping into a clean and relaxing home too. With our experience in domestic and commercial cleaning, you can rest assured that your place will be in good hands. 

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