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IVS Cleaning specialise in helping you to keep your premises looking every bit as professional as a commercial business should, and every bit as loved and taken care of as a domestic family home deserves.  We know that keeping on top of everyday chores can prove a challenge when all things are considered.  In summer, the weather can also have a huge bearing on the upkeep of both domestic and commercial gardens.  We therefore highly recommend our garden maintenance service to you, to help you make the most of your outdoor premises.

Commercial Gardening

A well-kept outdoor garden area at your place of work can have many benefits.  Firstly, it reflects the care and attention you give to your business, and secondly, it can have a positive influence on your employees.  For example, should you have an office building with some surrounding land, then providing a garden area where your staff can take a well-earned break, or have their lunch, can help them feel more refreshed and productive when they return to work.  Of course, we are not suggesting that every business premises be adorned with the equivalent of the hanging gardens of Babylon, but, equally, who has the time to take care of a lawn or hedging when you’re busy providing another service?  That is where our weeding, pruning and mowing service will allow you to make the most of your garden surroundings.

Hotels, restaurants, holiday parks and many other commercial businesses, rely of providing an atmosphere that is appealing to their customer base to succeed.  If you have a company in London that needs garden maintenance, and a garden cleaning service, then contact us for a free quote and a regular arrangement.

Domestic Gardening

Do you enjoy your garden?  Having time to sit back and enjoy the results can be highly enjoyable and therapeutic, and really is the real point of having a garden area in the first place.  However, when you have to juggle garden tasks with a job, a family to care for, and all of the other everyday things, we recognise that we often need to make a choice, and sometimes have to keep things simpler, in favour of a lush garden full of fawner and flora.  Obviously, there are times when some are unable to do much or any gardening at all anymore and may feel they have to do without anything outdoors that requires care and attention.  Here at IVS Cleaning, we want you to be able to enjoy your home to the full, regardless of how much time and energy you have.  Therefore, our lawn care service, along with bush trimming and other maintenance garden services, will allow you to enjoy the wildlife and all the beauty your outdoor area can provide, but still leaves the time and freedom for those who like to do a bit of gardening for themselves.  We also offer patio and driveway cleaning for your garden areas.

For more information on what we can do to help you with your garden maintenance, book with us today.

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Garedening Services
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