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What Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Really Mean?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

When you move out of a property, you will usually be expected to clean it before the landlord or estate agency will return your deposit, but what does an end of tenancy clean really entail?

An article for Vents magazine recently explained what is usually expected of the tenant who is moving out. Among the tasks you should complete are dusting, sweeping and cleaning the entire property. This includes the skirting boards, doors and ceilings.

Thoroughly cleaning the oven, microwave, refrigerator and other white goods is also expected, as is vacuuming and deep cleaning carpets.

When you reserve End of Tenancy cleaning you can expect a Deep cleaning plus the following services which are excluded from the Deep cleaning, but part of the End of Tenancy Cleaning checklist:

*Washing machine cleaned from inside and outside.

*Fridge-freezer cleaned from inside and outside.

*Dishwasher cleaned from inside and outside.

*Tumble dryer cleaned from inside and outside.

*Kitchen cupboards (empty) cleaned from inside and outside.

*All other cupboards/wardrobes cleaned from inside and outside.

Giving the bathroom a thorough clean, and not neglecting the tiles and taps, is another must, as is making sure that you’ve cleaned the windows and emptied all the bins. There are a surprising number of cleaning jobs at this stage and, when you’re moving home, it can be a lot to consider.

On top of that, it’s difficult to carry out all of these tasks when you are still living in the property, and moving day is likely to be hectic. This is why it’s worth paying professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in Mile End, or wherever you’re moving from.

It’s also worth checking whether your tenancy agreement requires you to have the property professionally cleaned, as this might be a specification.

As an article for Business Matters magazine noted last year, even if the tenants have the property professionally cleaned when they move out, the landlord may also want to pay for another deep clean before a new tenant moves in. Which is know also as Pre-Tenancy Clean

This is especially likely to be the case if there is a long gap between tenants, or due to the current situation with Covid-19 to reduce the likelihood of any transmission of the virus between households.

IVS Cleaning is offering End of Tenancy Cleaning in the following boroughs

End of Tenancy Barnet

End of Tenancy Barking and Dagenham

End of Tenancy Bexley

End of Tenancy Camden

End of Tenancy Camden

End of Tenancy Croydon

End of Tenancy Ealing

End of Tenancy Enfield

End of Tenancy Greenwich

End of Tenancy Hammersmith and Fulham

End of Tenancy Haringey

End of Tenancy Islington

End of Tenancy Kensington and Chelsea

End of Tenancy Lambeth

End of Tenancy Lewisham End of Tenancy Redbridge

End of Tenancy Richmond upon Thames End of Tenancy Southwark

End of Tenancy Tower Hamlets

End of Tenancy Waltham Forest

End of Tenancy Wandsworth

End of Tenancy Westminster

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