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Keep Your WFH Space Safe And Hygienic

e pandemic has meant a large number of people have been working from home since the first lockdown in March, and for some, the move to remote working may be permanent. While some may have created a dedicated WFH set up, many worker’s improvised home offices fall short of the ideal.

There’s much to consider when setting up a workspace at home, from ensuring that there are health and safety considerations, hygiene, and electrical safety.

While it might have been fine for John Lennon and Winston Churchill to try and change the world from between the sheets, continuing to work from your bed or the sofa can be detrimental to your health.

The most common work-related injury is from musculoskeletal disorders. A proper ergonomic workstation setup has been proven to reduce common ailments such as back pain and tendonitis, as well as haling to decrease fatigue and improve productivity.

It’s essential to work from a flat space if you do not have a desk, a proper ergonomic chair for better posture, and also fresh air and natural light. Take regular breaks and be sure to stretch and move around too, preferably a walk outside.

Keeping your home workspace hygienic

The typical work desk is home to over 10 million bacteria. Your monitor, keyboard, computer, mouse, office files, chair and personal items are all reservoirs for microbes, deposited via our hands, skin and hair.

With or without the pandemic, it is always vital to ensure your WFH space is kept clean and sanitised, and maintain good hand hygiene, as that is still one of the most effective ways to reduce germ transmission.

Keep your work desk uncluttered and clean, and regularly wipe it down with ordinary detergent. To clean your keyboard, monitor and other equipment, first unplug them, then dust with a soft microfibre cloth before wiping with a moist alcohol or detergent wipe.

A safe and hygienic work environment in the home is essential to maximise the benefits and to reduce the risk of injury and illness.

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