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The true life of the cleaner lady!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The alarm is ringing. 5.30 am - mid-October. 5 ° degrees outside with a sensation of -2 ° degrees. You get up from the warm bed, your whole body hurts, even though you slept for five and a half hours. You go to the toilet - busy! You go to the kitchen to have a coffee before work - the kitchen is full of bumping and hurrying people. Wait patiently! You make a second attempt in the bathroom, busy again. It's six in the morning. At 6.30 you must be at the stop. You do not have time. You're late for work. The fine is £ 10. The rental for the evening is £ 12. You can not afford it. You make a quick coffee and run to the bathroom. Wow - it's free. You are. 10 minutes just for you. Lonely and sad, you brush your teeth and think. And that day will pass. You're going to the kitchen. and drink fast coffee while preparing your backpack. Sponge, brush rags, cleaning products, charger, sandwich, umbrella, cigarettes. Oh no! You forgot to do cigarettes. A box of cigarettes in the store is £ 9. Almost as you rent for your bed in the evening. You can not afford it. You make 5 cigarettes a quick and you go to the stop. You go out - it's raining! Normal English Time. You hold the umbrella that keeps only your hair. 10 minutes to the stop, 6:30 in the morning, and you're already wet and 4 cigarettes in your pocket. The fifth one is already half wet, but you want to bring it to the end, waiting for the bus in the rain! It's coming. Decreases speed but does not open doors. It's full. You look at the phone. The next one is in 9 minutes. End. You are already late for your first address. Nothing and that day will pass. The next one comes, stops, you get up. After 1 hour and 30 minutes travel - you get to work. You come in and you are wet in the rain. Being late for work. Put the uniform. You start ... clean, clean the phone. Your mother calls you to hear how you are. You are worried that you are not calling. You do not pick up because the job is under an hour, you're in a hurry because you are too late to return the call. It is now 11.30. She had to finish her address at 11.00. That means you're late for the next one. Nothing. And that day will pass. Already tired of the first address, dress the jacket, put the wet umbrella in the backpack, prepare a cigarette and go to the second address. You have to clean there for 5 hours. You are already dry and slightly hungry. You go out into the street and head for the stop. Oh no. It's raining again. Normal English Time. You are now facing a dilemma. Eat a sandwich? To light a cigarette? Or call your mother. You have 10 minutes walking before you reach the stop. You hit a cigarette while pressing the umbrella to your shoulder to smoke the cigarette. You're just taking a cigarette, and you light up and the bus comes. Throw it in the basket. You're getting up. The bus is crowded. There's no place to sit. Your feet are already dreaming about bed and dry stockings. And you dream this day to end. After another hour, you are already at the second address. You go in from the beginning with the whole mess in the house. And only with the thought that you've just made one and you see all this again, you get bad. Nothing. And that day will pass. Clean, clean, ....... there is no end. Wet, tired, desperate. Your phone rings. You can not answer your job at the moment and your customers are upstairs. It is not convenient. Nothing. When you're done, you'll call. The husband wants to hear from you. It's normal. It's worrying about you. But work awaits you. Clean, clean. You look at the phone. 5.30 ... time to go. 5 hours passed. But you have a bit to finish. You can not leave that. At 6 without 10 you go outside. End. That day almost passed. You will soon lie in the warm bed. You go to the stop. You take your third cigarette. You have 2 more ... The bus is coming. Throw it into the basket again. The phone is ringing. Your mother, your husband ... ... oh your grandmother's ringing. You have not heard her for weeks. For your grandmother, you do not have time to call. And it's hard for you. For everyone. Always. But the bloody time that is not enough. After a while, you'll call everyone. Just get to the lodgings. And remove these wet clothes from your back. And set the phone to charge. You are already at home, 7.30 in the evening. Now you have a few things to do before the next business day. to call your loved ones - preparing fast -a warm bath -a coffee with a cigarette because you're tired -To make your schedule the next day, check the routes on the map - to make cigarettes from now, not to go with just 5 So let's start. You're ringing the phone. First of all to her grandmother, because it's too late and she may have gone to bed. No body answer. Nothing. Tomorrow. You're ringing your husband. He does not raise. Then to your mother. You can hear it quickly in 10 minutes. You finally get in touch with your husband. But instead of hearing his voice, you hear your son's voice. Who sets his usual question a thousand times. - Mom when will you come back? Everything in you freezes. You do not know what to answer this question. You do not let him think and ask. "First, tell me, were you obedient today?" And from there the numbers, the letters, the poems begin You start quietly crying ... and you start to sniff. And you do not have to. The child is listening. And he immediately says. "Are you crying Mother again?" And you hate your mommy, you know that it's raining here a lot and I am a little bit sick, don't worry sweety.

And the little kid is once again cheated and happy to hear "mommy," and Mom once again tells his mind ... "a little bit," "and it will pass" You can quickly hear your husband. See you tomorrow. And you close. First task completed. Now it starts with cooking. Yes but no. All hotplates are occupied. Everyone is in a hurry to cook. Nothing. You'll wait. During that time while you wait ... do a couple of cigarettes and a café. The golden coffee, without which you fall asleep at lunch in the bus. You're starting to prepare your backpack for tomorrow. You remove all the dirty clothes from today. You're going to run a washing machine, yes but no! Some other roommate is already washing. Nothing. You'll wait. You start the schedule. You are already hungry and you chill out today's rainy day. You're going to have a hot shower ... Yes, the bath is free. Get in fast. You run the water ... but someone constantly checks if it's already free and knocks on the door. You go out fast. Go down to the kitchen. You're starting to cook. While baking is being cooked, you use the time to finish tomorrow's schedule and prepare the working backpack for the next day. You find today's sandwich inside. Haha. You still did not think of eating because you were in a hurry today. You put it back in the backpack for tomorrow. You put clean rags. You make a few cigarettes, you look at the clock, it's already 11.30. You want to go to bed. The whole body is hurting. You are tired. You end up cooking. You can smoke another cigarette and go to the bedroom. The place where you do not wait for a row where you are alone where you think and where you cry! You are viewing your family photos quickly. Turn off the lamp and go to bed - 00.00 midnight. You have 5 hours and 30 minutes to sleep ... because you can not afford to be late again. You get up and rains again, you do not have cigarettes again, you'll be late again. But nothing. This day will pass! ............. To be continued ....05th October before few years I. M. - The cleaner

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