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Terrified husband tells of horror as Ovenpride cleaning liquid burned through layers of wife’s skin

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Ovenpride cleaning liquid burn
The horrific burns the woman suffered Credit: FACEBOOK

"A TERRIFIED husband has told of his horror after Ovenpride cleaning liquid burned through layers of his wife's skin WHILE docs were operating on her.

The woman - who we are not naming - accidentally splashed the acidic liquid on her arm as she cleaned her oven at her home in Falkirk, Scotland.

Ovenpride cleaning liquid - severe burns
The woman needed a skin graft as the cleaning product burned through layers of her arm Credit: FACEBOOK

Her hubby explained how she felt "a sting" but believed the sensation would pass and went to bed.

But she discovered the horrific injuries to her arm after she woke.

And her husband revealed how she'll need a skin graft - and will be scarred for life with a "huge chunk" being taken from her arm.

He told Scottish Sun Online: "We've used the stuff before and we know you have to be really careful.

"But she had the gloves on, her arms fully covered and there was a bit of a splash on her arm that she said was stinging a wee bit.

"She does have a few allergies and her skin reacts to stuff like that but she went away and washed it but went to bed.

"She woke up and showed me her arm and it was awful.

"The scary thing is that she went to sleep and didn't feel a thing until she woke up and looked at her arm - it's horrific.

Ovenpride cleaning liquid - use with caution
The Ovenpride cleaner that caused the burns Credit: FACEBOOK

"We went to St John's in Livingston and even when they operated, they went down layer by layer of skin and the stuff was still burning away.

"They had to keep going deeper and deeper because it was still burning away.

"She got a skin graft and had quite a bit taken from her thigh.

"And she's got a big hole in her arm."

John admitted his relief that his wife wasn't more badly hurt and explained how it "could have been worse".

But he has warned others who may come into contact with the cleaning agent to make sure they are careful using it to avoid a similar scenario in future.

He added: "If you accidentally got this stuff on your eye, you'd be blind.

"It's a life-changing injury but it could've been much worse."

Please read the instructions carefully when you use chemicals or follow our blog with cleaning advice. Learn HOW TO USE OVEN PRIDE SAFETY!

This information is taken from The SUN News Website of the Year


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