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How Regular Cleaning by IVS Cleaning Services Improved My Quality of Life: A Customer’s Story

Hi there! My name is Tracey, and I've been a loyal customer of IVS Cleaning for over four years now. Today, I wanted to share my personal experience with IVS Cleaning and how their services have genuinely improved my quality of life.

Customer Stories - Tracey
Customer Stories - Tracey

Before discovering IVS, managing my home was a constant struggle. Between a full-time job and taking care of my family, finding time to maintain a clean and organized home felt nearly impossible. It was overwhelming and honestly, quite stressful. I felt like I could never catch up, and it started affecting my mood and well-being.

That's when a friend recommended IVS Cleaning, and I decided to give their services a try. From the very first cleaning session, I noticed a significant difference—not just in the cleanliness of my home but in my overall stress levels. Knowing that professionals were taking care of the cleaning allowed me to focus more on spending quality time with my family and less on the daunting task of scrubbing floors and dusting shelves.

One of the things I appreciate most about IVS is their consistency. The cleaners are punctual, professional, and incredibly thorough. Every corner of my house sparkles after they're done, and this level of detail has remained consistent throughout the four years I’ve used their services.

IVS’s flexible scheduling has been a game-changer for me. Whether it's a weekly, fortnightly, or just a one-off deep clean, they always accommodate my schedule. It’s such a relief to know I can arrange for a cleaning session whenever it suits me best, without any hassle by using their App - IVS Cleaning.

Another aspect that stands out is the trustworthiness of their service. IVS cleaners are respectful of my space, and I've never had any issues with security or privacy. In fact, I am so comfortable with their team that I often leave them to clean while I run errands—coming home to a spotless house is always a pleasant surprise!

Beyond just the look and feel of a clean home, there have been noticeable health benefits for my family. We suffer from fewer allergies, and with IVS using eco-friendly products that I provide, I’m not worried about harsh chemicals around my children or pets. Also, the clean environment has definitely lifted everyone’s spirits and contributed to a more harmonious home life.

What really makes IVS stand out is their attention to customer needs and their excellent customer service. Anytime I've had a special request or needed to adjust my cleaning schedule, their team has been accommodating and understanding. The ladies in the office are just amazing, friendly, and professional, and they are so easy to communicate and hassle-free.
Not to mention my regular cleaner, Iveta. She is the best cleaner I have ever had. As well as the other ladies who have been in my home in the past where replacement services have been offered.
Additionally, IVS Cleaning offers a fantastic referral program that benefits everyone involved. When you share your personal referral link, each new customer who uses it will receive £10 off their first cleaning, and so will you! - If anyone wants to give them a trial - here is my referral link -

In conclusion, if you’re on the fence about hiring a professional cleaning service, I cannot recommend IVS Cleaning enough. Their impact on my life extends far beyond just cleaning my home—they’ve increased my free time, reduced my stress, and enhanced my home’s environment.
Thank you, IVS, for making such a significant difference in my life!

Tracey / E17 4HG
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