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Never mix Bleach and Harpic while doing the cleaning or you could visit the hospital

It is highly recommended that are very careful when mixing Bleach and Harpic while doing the cleaning or you might go to the hospital suffering from burns or allergic reactions. You must never mix these chemicals because if you do so you could potentially inhale the chemical fumes which are carcinogenic. The harmful emission is caused due to the hydrochloric acid produced during the cleaning process. These two chemicals are very lethal when combined and could result in serious burns or even death.

If you have to use bleach and limescale remover for any cleaning purposes then you should wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, respirator and a mask. This will protect you from the harmful fumes emitted by the chemicals.

When you are mixing this chemical there are certain steps which you should follow. Before you begin with the cleaning process make sure that the containers are glass and metal. This is because heat can cause the mixture to break into different components. If the glass containers are used then ensure that they are covered and not placed near a heater or a fire because they could burn your throat.

Mixing this chemical is a very easy task but you must be careful while mixing it. If you are not careful then you could end up getting some sort of infection. Always keep the lid on the container while you are mixing it and do not open it for further mixing. It is advised that you do not mix limescale remover and bleach as it could result in serious damages. If any mistake is made then you will have to restart the entire cleaning process all over again.

There are many people who think that mixing limescale remover and bleach is a very easy task. However, if you have no idea about how these two chemicals work then you could be in for a big surprise. Limescale remover contains chemicals that react with the acid present in the bleaching agent. This chemical interaction produces Hydrogen Peroxide which is one of the chemicals that can cause serious burns if exposed to the air. You should never mix bleach and limescale remover as it could result in severe skin infections. If the mixture comes into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth then severe infections could also result.

Thus, when you are doing the cleaning process at home, always ensure that you do not mix any cleaning agents such as limescale remover or bleach. If you are using strong chemical cleaners for your cleaning purposes then you should wear protective gloves as well as safety goggles as these chemicals are quite dangerous.

We recommend when you are not trained how to use toxic chemicals to call a professional cleaning company and order your cleaning with them. They are fully trained on how to work with toxic detergents and they know what to do.

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