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How to Stage Your Home to Make the Best First Impression on Potential Buyers

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

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How to Stage Your Home to Make the Best First Impression on Potential Buyers

When selling a home, many homeowners understand the importance of getting appraisals and making necessary repairs. One often overlooked consideration, however, is staging. If you’re selling a home while still living in it, your goal should be to put it in the best light and help potential buyers envision themselves living there. Take the time to stage and depersonalise your home before showings so that buyers aren’t distracted by your bright green walls or the assortment of family photos and trophies on the mantle.

Today, IVS Cleaning Services offers excellent, budget-friendly ways to stage a clutter-free home that potential buyers will love.


Depersonalising your home doesn’t mean stripping your home’s personality or making it look sterile. On the contrary, you’re demonstrating its livability as a clean, welcoming space. For instance, you might remove some of your family photos and declutter your belongings. Removing excess items actually reduces feelings of anxiety and increases mood, which is great for you in two ways. First, it will make your home a more relaxing place while you deal with the stress of selling. Second, it will make potential buyers feel more comfortable, and more likely to picture themselves living in your house.

As part of the decluttering process, you could also take time to declutter your digital life as well. Try to get rid of any documents and other files on your computer that you no longer need. You can also convert JPGs to PDF files to better preserve those that you want to keep. This conversion will help prevent compression loss later on.

Your potential buyers will find it easier to picture themselves living in the space if they’re not distracted by too many personal touches. Painting the walls a neutral colour and removing family photos, quirky collectibles, or other distractions will help make your home more presentable. A neutralised home appears more inviting to buyers, whether they’re looking at online photos or touring the house during a showing. When depersonalising your home, keep common items most people would have in their homes, like couches or dining room tables. That wicker cabinet full of grandma’s porcelain dolls, on the other hand, might be better off in storage for now.


Whether you’re hoping to help your home photos stand out online or trying to entice more buyers to tour your home, staging can make or break the sale. By adequately staging your home, you’ll help attract potential homebuyers. If pulling off a well-staged home is too overwhelming, turn to a staging company for professional staging services that ensure your home makes the right impression.

Some homeowners skip this step because they don’t consider it necessary. However, a properly staged home is more likely to sell. Here are other affordable tips you should consider:

Start packing. You’ll be moving anyway, so any nonessential items can be boxed up or placed in storage. Having fewer belongings in your home also allows your home to potentially look more spacious and less cluttered. And if you struggle with organisation, don’t hesitate to call in professionals to give you a hand.
Prioritise. You should focus on improving your home’s curb appeal or other features that make a first impression. Mow the lawn and plant flowers. Open the curtains to allow plenty of natural light. Arrange furniture and decor in ways that draw attention to any upgrades or special features. By focusing on the best qualities of your home, you’ll get results without breaking the bank.
Organise. A home office is a great selling feature, but not if it is cluttered and messy. It’s essential to have sound organisational systems in place to make your current and future home less stressful to live in. Plus, a well-organised office will be less distracting and make your home look more appealing to buyers.
Clean. We try to keep our homes clean, and that’s especially crucial while your home is on the market. You never know when a potential buyer might request a last-minute showing. It’s a good idea to plan by hiring professionals such as IVS Cleaning Services to help you with deep cleaning. After that, try to clean up any spills or sticky counters as soon as possible. Regularly clean each room, including all the nooks and crannies.
Eliminate odours. If you have pets, open the windows and air out the home a few times weekly. You may not notice pet owners, but potential buyers certainly will. If your home has a musty smell or noticeable odours, invest in an air purifier to clean the air. You can also purchase a wall-mount range hood to remove smoke and odours from your kitchen.
Boost curb appeal. If your yard is poorly maintained, this will be a huge turnoff for buyers. Before putting your house on the market, have a landscaping company spruce up your property. Be sure to read feedback and rating from past customers before hiring anyone.

One final tip for staging your home on a budget is to embrace the light. If you have a dark room, open the windows or add a lamp to give it a warm glow. A well-lit room will also feel clean and inviting to your potential buyers. Homes that get plenty of natural light are always in top demand. But since not every area of your house can have natural light, Express recommends using specifically placed task lighting in darker areas to combat the darkness.

Staging is crucial to impressing home buyers and selling your home. Depersonalise and declutter, hire IVS Cleaning Services for a deep clean, organise your home office, let in natural light, and hire landscapers to boost your curb appeal.

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