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How to create a successful cleaning business!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

How I started my own Cleaning Business! What was so helpful and motivational for me?

Read this article!

There is no way after you follow a few easy steps to fail! Before I felt sure what I want to do, I was messed up of my negative thoughts! I was working as a cleaner for a small agency for £6.20 per hour! 10 to 12 hours a day, always tired and with a negative mood! I didn't have time for my self or my family. I was in a trap of the not motivated worker without enough power to make dreams or changes. Six days a week, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I had and have still (thank God) friend who is a motivational coach and also who make personal numerology analyse. I had that one! She made me a gift! When I read this analyse, I knew that cleaning is my life and my further! But the work with other people is my super power! After that, I made a simple BUSINESS PLAN! Now I will share this with you!

When I started a few years ago, I only had clean cleaning cloths and a lot of ideas in my head, but without knowing how to rearrange them step by step so that I could run a cleaning company! Here are some ideas on how to get started and what you have to go through!

Before you start looking for customers and employees, you need to know how to clean a house or office! You need to know how the process runs. Because if you do not know how this is going, you do not know how to train your employees and you do not know what you are selling!

You will also need some experience and recommendations from your own work. Before you start advertising what you are selling!

You must have your own equipment and you need to know how to use it safely!

Then you can afford to hire a person to work with you as part of a team so the new person can learn every detail from you!

Meanwhile, you can start to promote your business! (Here I can write a lot of steps on how to promote your business and where to start, so I'll make a separate blog post for this, do not forget to subscribe to my site to get new blogs)!

You and your company must be fully insured as your employees too! This way you will look more professional in the eyes of the client and make you feel safe! Here you can use the link below for a free quote for the best and cheapest Insurance companies in the UK:

Here we are! You have the first customer! Now is the time to describe what your business is doing and what services you offer so as to gain the attention of the customer! Here you have to have good communication skills and above all skills to work with people! This is the main thing in which many people fail!

Good job! The client hires your company for the project!

Now is the time to prove your experience and skills that you sell! If you win this client in the future, then it will lead you next! But that does not mean you do not have to keep advertising your business!

A very important part after the job is to ask your customer for feedback! Post each of your recommendations to the social networks you support!

Anyway, you can ask this client for a personal recommendation to his friends and acquaintances! This is the best ad for your business. Mouth-to-mouth recommendation!

If you follow all these steps and are good at your work, I guarantee that in a few months you will be able to look for a next hired person to work for your company!

Here comes the next step!

Daily communication between you and your clients, as well as between you and your employees!

There comes a period in which you will need a scheduler system for your employees! You will not be able to remember wherever you are and what tasks your client has demanded for that day!

I have tried many different types of weekly schedule and planning systems! For now, I've got one! It works really well and you can keep track of the weekly process and where your employees are at all times of the day! Your system also provide tracking payments as well as issuing invoices for each completed project by your employees!

Link to the Scheduling Program:

You need to reload and motivate enough for the period when your phone will ring quite often! This is the moment when you realize that your business is already working, and you do not even have a Website yet! Here is the place to note who helped me at that moment when I realized that I already had a busy business and that sitting at home with a phone in my hand I was making enough money to allow myself not to work with my employees!

I've ordered a Website Design in a pretty good company dealing with this! If you are interested in the company, write to me in the comments and I will give you the information!

Boom! A few months after I had a Website, I realized how unprofessional my business looked like before! A few more months later, I was shocked by the number of visitors to the Web site and the number of new clients sending out queries!

After such progress and after the growth of customers almost double, you need to motivate even more and look for more ways to add customers to your business!

Few links where you can start and register your company:

And when you sign up for a Checkatrade quote Member number: 554592/Company number IVS Cleaning LTD. You will get a £50 free voucher when you sign up with these Quote Memeber

I'll make another blog post about where you can register your business and you can literally fail to pick up your phone! Be prepared!

There is also another difficult time you have to go through! And this is the moment when you will have to deal with your accounting! There are many easy tricks for free and with which you can keep track of your payments and your invoices! You will definitely need time, but then you will enjoy your flower (Business) that grows and blooms while you rest!

For starters, you can use Google Tables that will make your life a lot easier!

About them, there will be a separate blog post, what and how to use to save from your precious time!

Please share this with people who may be interested to check it out.

If you need any more information about all this stuff, please comment below and leave your email address, so I can get back to you!

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