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The dreams are to be followed. From fears to success. From £6.50 per hour to £10000.00 a month.

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Heathrow - the airport of success!

When I landed at Heathrow airport seven years ago, I was scared of London. New town, new people, new fears, new dreams.A big city full of rushing people and saying - sorry, sorry, sorry. In that time, my only skills were to smile and to be able to speak and understand only two words - "Hello" and "Bye". "Sorry" was the third word I have remembered forever. It was a hard period of integration. Few weeks after that, I started my first job. A maid!

One year later, thanks to my best friend (my lovely translator) and my aunt (who gave me my first private addresses and met me at the airport with huge support), I started as an individual domestic cleaner on my own.

After my working schedule was filled up, and after I was pushed up by my best friend, not to stop growing up in this business - I just did the first steps.

Then I thought: Why I am still the only person in my business because this was and still is good business. And if you want to grow up, you have to forget all your fears and take the next steps. You have to hire someone to do the same as you and to follow you!

The first member of my team of two joined in 2014. I trained her very well, and she deserved all her excellent recommendations from her clients.

Step by step now, we are a Successful Cleaning Company with more than 300 regular clients and more than 20 well-trained professionals!

Here I will mention that I have grown up and graduated IT in Bulgaria, and this education helped me a lot to build what I have now! And I am never going to stop improving myself.

I am full of ideas and extensive experience of mistakes, which are the best teachers in my life.

My next job was to start learning how to build my website with my skills. - Yes, I did that. Four months and twenty hours in front of my laptop - the website was published, created by me. I was so proud of myself! One year after, one of my clients told me: "Iva I would like to help you to renovate your website, I am a specialist, and I can help you to improve it! That was like a miracle! Of course, I accepted, because I am always open to improve what I am doing and what I am.

After all of this, I have been fighting with many online courses, night shifts as a security, as I still needed money to improve the business. I have been struggling with a lot of "meta tags" and "meta descriptions", a lot of "keywords" for the website, a lot of researches, a lot of "HTML's" but this is another long story. I met a lot of good and bad people during my long way to here. I kept the right people and left the bad one behind me. I met a lot of anxiety and hatred, but also a lot of love and support.

I am proud of what I have done for the past seven years, and I am never going to stop doing that because I love it! I am proud of myself and what I am doing like a person and like a business owner of IVS CLEANING LTD!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help related to the cleaning.

That's me! - Iva proud owner of the business, lovely mum of ten years boy, a good friend to those who believed in me and those who stayed behind my back in the past years! Thank you to all of you!

The secret is - Work, Persistence, Ambition, Positivism!

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