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End of Tenancy Cleaning

An end of tenancy cleaning service is an extremely useful service, that landlords, or customers moving home will find helpful in reducing the stress involved in preparing a property for the next tenants and owners. What is an end of tenancy clean and what makes it so beneficial?

London End of Tenancy Cleaning

Regardless of how organise and tidy a family, or a person living on their own are, once any furniture is moved, the kitchens emptied and the lofts cleared out, there will always be areas that will need cleaning and tidying. Whether dust gets moved around when furniture is cleared, or marks that were otherwise unseen and hidden by furniture is suddenly exposed, the new tenants and property owners will appreciate a deep clean, providing them with a clear canvas on which to plan where they will place their own belongings and how they will manage their own premises. Everywhere needs a deep clean every now and again, and what better time to ensure you have caught every last corner and nook of a room and building, then when it is completely empty of everything but the basics, such as the carpets and built-in furniture?

End of Tenancy Cleaning Entails

End of tenancy cleaning entails getting right down into the corners of a room and removing any dirt, grime, dust that has been left behind by previous owners. For example, carpets may benefit from a deep clean, kitchen cupboards may need a wipe down, in and out, and skirting boards, doors, frames and handles may all need a good wipe down.

It is understood, that unless someone purchases a brand newly-built property, in the past other people will have occupied the spaces others plan to call home. But the evidence of a previous occupancy can make it less comfortable, and make a place seem less inviting. This is true of any domestic dwelling, whether it be a hotel room, a holiday home, or a new home for us and our families to dwell in.

Property Cleaning London

When moving, new property owners and tenants renting, will have packed away all of their belongings into boxes, keeping out only the essentials to get them through the day of their move. They will then need, and look forward to, opening their boxes, getting out their kitchenware, and unpacking clothing into their wardrobes and drawers, as soon as possible. Having an area cleaned previously to the moving date, ready as soon as the removal agencies arrive with their large bulk items of furniture, is therefore invaluable and deeply appreciated.

IVS Tenancy Cleaning

IVS Cleaning provide end of tenancy cleaning, London residents and landlords can trust to provide a professional, trained service. Not only do we have an experienced team, but we have the ability to provide a deep clean or all carpets and upholstery that may be left by the landlord or previous owners as requested. We can also clean out any white goods that come with the property, such as ovens and built-in microwaves.

So, for London end of tenancy cleaning, book in with IVS Cleaning today.

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