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All About our After Building Cleaning Service

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Here at IVS Cleaning our services extends to the commercial sector including industrial cleaning, as well as any domestic properties in the area. As our cleaning also covers a wide range of specific cleaning services, from dusting all your worktops and shelving to providing patio and driveway cleaning, and even gardening services, we have a good knowledge of what is required to get a home and business premises looking pristine inside and out. Not only do we provide regular cleaning, we also do the cleaning jobs that are ‘one-off’, or ‘as and when’ you need it. This includes cleaning for when you are vacating or moving into a new premises, spring cleans that need more than your usual tasks completing, and post-construction cleaning for after you have had building or renovation work done.

Building Cleaning Maintenance

Keeping on top of maintenance, getting necessary building work completed, and refurbishing and decorating comes hand in hand with the ownership of any building. No matter how inconvenient, or messy that work is, we all except the fact that we have to, at some time, get the builders or decorators in. And whether you have a domestic or commercial building, working around the apparent chaos that seems to ensue can be hard going. Even a bit of wallpapering can seem to produce dust that lands and clings to every surface.

If you have had a new layout set out in your shop, or have scaffolding and construction work being done outside you premises, do not despair at the amount of subsequent cleaning that needs to be done. We can provide shop cleaning, to help you keep your shop in a good condition, or to get your building ready for restacking shelves and displaying your services and all of your merchandise at its best.

Commercial Business Cleaning

We know how absolutely vital it is for hygiene levels and cleanliness to be kept at an optimum level when it comes to restaurant cleaning. Whereas some commercial businesses expect a bit of dust, especially in the industrial sector, having a dusty place where food and drink is prepared and served is not only unhygienic, it is off-putting! Here at IVS Cleaning, we already employ a high standard when it comes to all of our commercial cleaning services. We will not rest until your premises looks at least as welcoming and clean as it should. Should you have closed your shop or restaurant to have it reinvented through refurbishment and decorating services, we will work with you to help you create the wonderful first impression you want for your reopening, to wow your customers as they re-enter your premises.

Property Cleaning Services

If you are a landlord or property owner and have had renovation or building work completed for a new housing estate, or apartment building, then hiring a local professional cleaning team is the best way to ensure the houses are looking their best when protentional buyers, or tenants come to call. We can carry out all aspects of apartment cleaning, from tidying the individual apartments, to cleaning communal areas, such as stairways and any open facility areas. If you have a display house or apartment in mind to show those interested in your property the potential within each of your buildings, then all you need do is specify exactly what cleaning and tidying work you need to our staff and it will be completed.

IVS Cleaning provide a varied and flexible service, so that no matter what it is you need, we can work with you and along with your requirements, to provide the cleanliness and support you require and deserve. Contact us for more information.

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