Referral Program - Join our family


Welcome to our Referral Program!

We have started a new "Referral Program" for you so if you are happy to recommend us to your friends or neighbours you will get a £10.00 discount for each referral.

And this is not the end!

Everyone whom you send to us will get a £5.00 welcome bonus of their first session with us.

There is no limit of referrals, for each of your friends, you will receive a £10.00 discount.

It's easy to do this.

Just follow the form below and once you are ready we will contact them and we will do the rest.

After your referral become our regular customer both of you will receive their discount.


How to refer a friend?


Tell your friend/s and neighbor/s about us


Fill up our referral program and tell us your friend's name and email


Leave everything else to us and wait for your money

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