Share your referral link and Get £10 credit to your account

But this is only the beginning!

We give an initial £5.00 welcome bonus in credits to everyone you send to us.

You will have your own referral link, so you can share it in your local Facebook groups or with friends and earn £10 back in credits each time when someone become our regular client.

There is no limit on the number of references you will send for each of your friends; you will receive a £10.00 discount for each of them.

It's easy to accomplish this.

To get started, Log in or Sign up and claim your account and you will see your own referral link in your client's dashboard.

How to refer a friend?

Go to the left section Invite and Earn

Start sharing your referral link to anyone who can be interested in our services

Referral Program - IVS CLEANING


Invite friends and family to join IVS Cleaning!

They get £5 OFF their first booking. You get £10 after their first appointment.

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