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What is Domestic Cleaning?

Do you live in London and require domestic cleaning services for your home? Have you been searching the web and asking for ‘domestic cleaning services near me’? You may be looking for a service that can help you regularly, or you may need some temporary one-off support with your domestic cleaning. Whatever the case, you might be wondering what to expect from a domestic cleaning service. IVS Cleaning is a professional domestic cleaning company that offers a comprehensive service, including regularly timed arrangements and cleaning schedules, or one-off deep cleaning of your rooms and home premises. What does domestic cleaning involve?

Domestic Cleaning Services London

Domestic cleaning, includes any cleaning services that home owners and domestic premises may require. For example, our company provide patio and driveway cleaning for domestic premises. Also included in our domestic cleaning, London customers can also book our after-build cleaning services, available to anyone that have had renovation work, new builds and extensions, or decorating services completed in their homes.

Daily Cleaning Services

As the needs of every family differs, as well as the styles and types of décor that each home owner choses for their premises, our cleaning services must adapt based on any subsequent requirements. For example, the time we may enter a home to clean, may depend on the working schedule of the homeowner and the daily routine of the rest of the family. You may be happy to have a cleaner present while you are home, or you may wish for the cleaning to be done while you are out, thus allowing you to come home to a clean and tidy environment to make the most of your precious down-time.

Do you have extra jobs that need care and attention, such as your oven, your carpets, or your windows? We can factor this into a regular domestic cleaning timetable to suits you. Or we can provide a one-off cleaning service should you require an extra hand for a special occasion, or for an annual spring clean.

Furniture Cleaning London

The furnishings too can make a difference as to the type of domestic cleaning you require from us. If you have furniture that requires a particular type of cleaning solution, or ornaments that need special attention, then as an efficient and responsible domestic cleaning team, we would be ready to meet any of your specific needs.

There may be certain rooms that need more attention, and there may be rooms that you would prefer left alone. For example, do you have a home office that holds confidential information. Although here at IVS Cleaning we do offer a commercial cleaning service, and are kept abreast of any confidentiality and privacy issues, our team would abide by the wishes of the homeowner in this regard, recognising that your home is a private and personal space for all who live there, whether you are working from home or not.

So, if you live in London and have been asking ‘is there a professional, and flexible company offering domestic cleaning near me?’ then look no further than IVS Cleaning. Book in with us today, or contact us for more information.

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