The difference between a boss and a leader!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Тhere is a huge difference between the so-called "Boss" and the real Leader. These two people behave in a totally different way, have specific styles of leadership, build different relationships with their colleagues, and so on. The boss is always a manager who has subordinates, while basically, the leader is the essence of the group. He inspires and motivates each of his colleagues individually. So without losing more time ... The boss is insensitive, and the leader is compassionate. The boss says "I" and the leader - "we". The boss uses people, and the leader develops them. The boss raises fear. The leader - gains confidence. The boss attributes merit, and the leader - assigns them where it is needed. The boss micronized and the leader delegated. The boss thinks in the short term, and the leader is in the long run. The boss is your "boss" and the leader is your "colleague". The boss focused on progress, and the leader focuses on people.

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