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Should I Use Domestic or Commercial Cleaning Services During Covid-19 in London

Updated: Oct 1

Domestic or Commercial Cleaning Services?

COVID-19 is continually becoming rampant not only in London but all over the world. This pandemic has transitioned many countries to the “new normal”, causing a lot of big changes in everyday activities.

Along with this are serious and stricter protocols on health, public safety, and sanitation. This includes social distancing and the regular and more frequent disinfection of both domestic and commercial facilities.

Especially for entrepreneurs who opted to continue the operation of their businesses whilst facing the risk of COVID-19 every day, it is truly important to invest in high-quality cleaning services to ensure that every corner of their commercial facilities is thoroughly disinfected, thus free from any virus contamination.

COVID-19 is known to easily spread not only by a human to human transmission but also through direct contact with contaminated objects or surfaces. To ensure that your home or business facilities are free from any viruses that can trigger COVID-19, daily disinfection is a must.

Here in London, there are lots of trusted cleaning service providers that cater to both domestic and commercial properties— one of these is IVS Cleaning Ltd.

IVS Cleaning Ltd offers a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services that will definitely sanitize every single corner of your home as well as your furniture and other stuff.

You can choose between Domestic Cleaning, One-off cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Airbnb Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning. All of their cleaning services are guaranteed to be thoroughly done not only to satisfy the customers but for health safety purposes.

IVS Cleaning Ltd has been operational since the pandemic started and since then the company makes sure to always follow all government guidelines in the UK. With this, IVS Cleaning Ltd enforces a strict protocol of keeping a safe distance between their team and the clients or better yet, they recommend for them to temporarily leave the property while the cleaning service is ongoing.

In addition to its safety guidelines, IVS Cleaning Ltd has also created a Key Holder Agreement which can be filled in online which aims to protect both the client and their team.

To answer the question, “Should you use domestic and commercial cleaning services during COVID-19 in London?” the answer is definitely yes. As a matter of fact, for business owners, it is important that you have your commercial facilities sanitized every day since a lot of people come and go, potentially bringing germs and viruses to your commercial property.

Meanwhile, domestic cleaning is equally important as this is where you spend most of your time specifically now that a large portion of the working population is doing their jobs at home. During these times, it is not enough that you clean your home the usual way, thus you will need help from the pros.

Here are some tips by UNICEF in keeping yourself and your place hygienic as we fight the aggressive spread of COVID-19.

A. Personal

  • Always wash your hands especially after being in direct contact with easily contaminated objects such as cellphones, doorknobs, handrails, money, etc.

  • Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Do not sneeze into your hands. If you do not have a napkin with you, it’s best to cover your mouth with the back of your elbow.

  • Keep a safe distance especially when in public places and always bring a hand sanitizer with you.

  1. Laundry

  • Avoid shaking dust and dirt off of your bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases to prevent the possible spreading and mixing of the virus into the air.

  • Thoroughly wash your laundry using warm water and detergent This will help kill the virus and germs.

  • Wash the laundry bag and hampers as well.

  • After doing your laundry, make sure to sanitize your hands with soap and alcohol/hand sanitizer.

  • If you are doing your laundry outside, it would be best to wear disposable gloves to avoid touching possibly contaminated surfaces. Additionally, consider sanitizing the machine before using it.

  • If possible, just fold your laundry at home to avoid being exposed to public places for a longer period of time.

  1. Food Preparation

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching any kitchen tools or food products.

  • Immediately remove packagings, dispose appropriately, and transfer the food on a clean plate or container.

  • Wash unpackaged products thoroughly to get rid of dirt.

  • Always sanitize kitchen tools before using them.

  • Use a separate chopping board for raw meat and vegetables.

With us facing the deadly risk of COVID-19 every day, it is just right to invest in cleaning services that will protect us from the adverse effects of the pandemic. Beat the virus, stay alert, and stay safe — IVS Cleaning Ltd is here to help you. Book them now!

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