Pandemic or The Great Reset??? The Mental Pandemic is 1% medicine and 99% politics

After the severe financial and economic crisis of 2007-2009, The World Financial Oligarchy (The Deep State) realized that world capitalism would not experience another such crisis. It was then that Anglo-Saxon think tanks created this scenario of a difficult, risky, but saving for the World Financial Oligarchy transition to a new totalitarian digital system. Preparations for the beginning of this transition dragged on, but by the end of 2019. there are signs that a new global financial and economic crisis may break out at any moment. There was no time to lose from the first numbers of 2020. Mental Operation COVID-19 has started.

The World Backstage began a forced change of the world based on the post-capitalist model and the reformatting of the existing system into a new one called by them Inclusive Capitalism "Inclusive Capitalism" (Inclusive - inclusive, inclusive). The infamous Inclusive Capitalism is a plan of the World Financial Oligarchy which can also be called new digital feudalism. A plan called to carry out the great financial-economic and socio-social reformatting, which will strengthen the domination of the super-rich over the whole sowing.

A brief overview of the preparatory, previous and subsequent events related to the Mental Operation "COVID-19", starting from the financial and economic crisis 2007-2009:

1) In 2009 The World Financial Oligarchy, with the help of the controlled World Health Organization (WHO), rehearsed today's events, created an artificial "Pandemic" "H1N1" (swine flu). For this purpose on May 4, 2009. The WHO has changed the quantitative parameters and the definition of "Pandemic", under the new definition fell many diseases, including seasonal flu. These changes untied the hands of the WHO and allowed for the abuse and artificial creation of emergencies and "pandemics" that were previously unthinkable. WHO declares "Pandemic" H1N1.

This has led to billions of dollars being spent on expensive vaccines and antiviral treatment. It turned out that the "Pandemic" in question was indistinguishable from seasonal flu.

The only manufacturers who then benefited from pointless vaccines and unnecessary drugs were the manufacturers: GlaxoSmithKline, Riche and Novartis. Each of these pharmaceutical companies was among the largest voluntary donors to the WHO in the financial year 2008/2009.

A scandal erupted, after which the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) launched an investigation and accused the WHO of falsifying the Pandemic. Of course, nothing happened and the accusations were dropped because the WHO is a political lobby group of powerful globalists who own it (only those who had the imprudence to be vaccinated against H1N1 became victims of swine flu).

2) In May 2010, a report appeared from the bowels of two organizations - the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network. This document is called: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

The report describes in detail today's events, the emergence of a "deadly virus" and the emergence of a "pandemic" that has a detrimental effect on the world economy. The report says that the mental operation "COVID-19" will continue until 2026.

3) In 2012 on the website of the German Bundestag was published an interesting document "Report for the protection of the population with risk analysis - 2012"

(document number 17/120/1712051, stored in the archives of the federal government and dated 2013).

The Bundestag document also describes the emergence of a "deadly" virus and the subsequent "Pandemic": "worldwide spread of a hypothetically modified SARS virus (" severe acute respiratory syndrome ")," the cause of which ".." maybe SARS "Coronavirus." / this is exactly what is written on page 57 /. This report also describes very accurately today's events and especially the state of the economy during the "Pandemic" and after. The Bundestag report is an executive document, lower standing and linked to the "forecast" of the scenarios from the report of Rockefeller Foundation. The latter is a conceptual document of a higher level, which sets out not only the "epidemic" scenarios but also the whole sequence, change of subsequent scenarios.

4) In 2012 The Henry Jackson Society (Transatlantic Center for Foreign Policy and National Security) has set up a working group for the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative project ("to start a transatlantic conversation about growing income inequality and its threat to the capitalist system").

5) In 2014 A conference on Inclusive Capitalism was held in London, co-organized by the City of London and the holding company EL Rothschild (the world needs a new, more progressive system).

6) In 2015 at another conference on Inclusive Capitalism, a "Road to Action" brainstorming was carried out (the capitalist system "dies" and must be replaced by a new one).

7) In the same 2015. The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism was registered in the United States as a non-governmental organization. Lynn Forrester de Rothschild (wife of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, one of the most influential members of the Rothschild clan), became CEO and founder of the Coalition.

On the site, we can find out who joined this Coalition. The largest financial holdings dealing with trust asset management: State Street Global Advisors, BlackRock, Vanguard, Amundi, Asset Management, Schroders, Barings, JPMorgan Chase & Co and others. These financial holdings represent the Deep State, the Deep State.

8) In 2016. At a conference on Inclusive Capitalism in New York, participants expressed their readiness to promote inclusive economic growth.

9) In May 2016. The Member States agreed, and the World Health Assembly adopted a new Health Emergency Program (which further strengthened the WHO's powers and influence in declaring emergencies and "pandemics").

10) In 2016. At its annual meeting, the World Bank (a trade organization controlled by the World Financial Oligarchy) conducted for the first time modelling of a Pandemic for finance ministers.

11) In 2017. together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank conducted second modelling for executives of large companies at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

12) In July 2017. The World Bank, in collaboration with German Chancellor A. Merkel, held a similar imitation for health ministers at a G-20 government meeting that has traditionally focused on finance and the economy.

13) In October 2017. a fourth scenario was played out as part of an imitation of the Pandemic, held during the World Bank's annual meeting in Washington.

14) In the summer of the same year 2017, the World Bank together with reinsurance companies established a special Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF), as stated "to save millions of people." The fund issued so-called Pandemic Bonds worth $ 245 million. To combat six viruses: new influenza viruses, coronaviruses, phyllo-viruses, Lassa hemorrhagic fever virus, Rift Valley fever virus and Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever virus. In a short time, the demand for bonds exceeded the supply by 200%. In essence, the bonds were sold on the condition that those who invested in them would lose their money if any of the six deadly Pandemics, including the coronavirus, occurred. If the pandemic does not occur by the bond maturity date of 15 July 2020, investors will get back what they originally paid for the bonds, in addition to the interest and premiums paid on those bonds that they receive between the date of purchase and the maturity date of the bonds. By a "strange coincidence" four months before the expiration of the Pandemic Bond deadline, the WHO declared "COVID-19" "Pandemic" (only the World Bank won the "Pandemic").

15) In 2018. The EU (under pressure from the World Financial Oligarchy) has published a survey on public attitudes towards vaccines, called "A State of Confidence in Vaccines in 2018".

Based on this study, the EU also commissioned a technical report entitled "Development and Implementation of Immunization Information Systems" on, among other things, the credibility of vaccination monitoring systems across the EU.

16) In the third quarter of 2019. all these reports were combined in the latest version of the Vaccination Roadmap, a long-term policy plan for the dissemination of vaccines “Awareness and Understanding” while countering “Vaccine Myths” and combating “vaccine indecision”.

17) In 2019. The Boulevard of Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC) project, implemented by the Rothschild Coalition together with Ernst & Young (International Professional Services Network), announced its findings in an official document (“developing a structure and defining significant indicators for reporting long-term and covering value creation activities not previously reflected in traditional financial statements ”).

18) On October 18, 2019. a high-level pandemic exercise called Event 201 took place in New York. The exercise was organized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Safety, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The study repeated the events of previous reports: "An outbreak of a new zoonotic coronavirus occurs. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled mainly on the basis of SARS" (atypical pneumonia).

The simulation resulted in seven key recommendations.

In November 2019, these proposals were published as a "call to action".

A month later, China announced the first cases of COVID-19.

19) On January 23, 2020. The WHO stated that there were no grounds for imposing a state of emergency (Peter Salama, executive director for emergencies, was strongly opposed).

On January 24, 2020. Peter Salama dies at 51 (without being ill, healthy, as you went to the office he fell and died).

On January 26, 2020. The WHO has adjusted the 2019-nCoV coronavirus assessment report. Note number (3) states that earlier reports on the situation with the spread of the virus, published on 23, 24 and 25 January, made a mistake and underestimated the number of "infected". Then they add and increase the number of "infected".

On January 30, 2020. WHO declared a state of emergency (at that time, according to initial WHO data, there were 11 "dead" in China and a total of 38 "infected" in the world, later these data were changed to 17 "dead" in China and a total of 570 "infected" in world). On March 11, 2020. The WHO has announced a "pandemic".

20) On April 2, 2020. The first full-fledged official document of the World Bank on the topic "COVID-19" entitled "World COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program (SPRP)" - "Program for strategic preparation and response to COVID-19 in the world" . Document with a volume of 60 pages dated April 2, 2020.

On the title page there is a subtitle from which it follows that a description is given only of the first phase of the program, within which the implementation of 25 projects is planned. On March 3, the World Bank convened an urgent board of directors, where they discussed and decided on the situation with COVID-19 in a closed session. Here is an excerpt from the document on page 6: On March 3, 2020, the Board of Directors called on the World Bank Group to take urgent action to support member states in their efforts to combat COVID-19. . The Council also decided to set up a $ 12 billion Pandemic COVID-19 Rapid Reaction Fund to assist countries that are clients of IDA and IBRD in their fight against the "Global Pandemic" and its consequences. " Additionally, from April 2020. by June 30, 2021, the World Bank began to "provide assistance," lending to 111 countries for a total of $ 160 billion. On March 3, 2020. The World Bank, which is far from medical, is already using the terms "COVID-19 Pandemic" and "Global Pandemic."

And now Attention! The WHO did not utter the word "Pandemic" until March 11, eight days later. The World Bank is ahead of the WHO! Of course, the WHO, the World Bank, the IMF and other international organizations prepared the show with "COVID-19" in advance and in coordination, but they made a mistake and the World Bank appeared on the stage earlier than planned by the "directors" of operation "COVID-19". I will pay attention to another mistake on the part of the World Bank!

The topic is especially popular today: when will the pandemic end? With a smart look, politicians, statesmen and experts give their versions of the answer. On the first page of the mentioned document is written in black and white: the date of completion of the first phase of the program is March 31, 2025. The report also explains why this date. On page 13 it is said that after the middle of 2021. The above-mentioned $ 160 billion will be spent, and the World Bank will spend another $ 180-200 billion over the next two years (until mid-2023) to combat COVID-19. Excellent Business!

Frightened by the Pandemic, the World Bank's client countries will no longer particularly trade on the terms under which they will be granted loans and credits. They will take more and more loans that they will not be able to repay because the "Psychic Pandemic" will destroy the economy of individual countries and the world as a whole. When lending is over, there will be chaos, riots, unemployment, famine, and on this wave Governments (debtors) will hand over power to the World Financial Oligarchy, which will create a World Government with a New World Order (Inclusive Capitalism).

21) The latest plans of the World Backstage to reformat the world order are presented in the form of a book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malre “Covid-19: The Great Reset.

In May 2020. at the online conference of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles used the term The Great Reset in circulation. The point is this: capitalism is experiencing a serious crisis, capitalism must be redesigned. The "COVID-19 pandemic" with the corresponding restrictions gives a unique chance for reformatting, but it will take time, so the restrictions must continue. In the first days of June 2020. On the site of the World Economic Forum appeared a page entitled The Great Reset, The topic was taken up by Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Justin Truffaut. The IT giants from Silicon Valley FAGMA (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple) also identified themselves as supporters of Inclusive Capitalism. The latter are actively involved in Operation COVID-19 and in reformatting the existing financial, economic and socio-social model into a new digital one. One of the key concepts of the "great reformatting" in Klaus Schwab's book is Inclusive Capitalism and the creation of a World Government.

22) On December 8, 2020. a new global union has been created. Inclusive Capitalism Council, a partnership of the world's largest investment and business leaders from the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism and the Vatican (there are over 1.2 billion Catholics in the world who will accept the New Worlds through the pope's authority).

P.S. For those who have not yet understood what is happening: There is no Sars-Cov-2 virus and therefore no Covid-19. The Mental Pandemic is 1% medicine and 99% politics. The information operation "COVID-19" is based solely on media disinformation and propaganda, the blessings of puppet governments and false tests.

Videos have appeared on the Internet in which tests for "coronavirus" react positively to Coca-Cola, kiwi, juices. All people with high blood sugar are destined to be infected with the "deadly" and non-existent Sars-Cov-2 virus. that 90% are completely healthy and asymptomatic (tests show a false-positive result in people with high blood sugar). That is why others do not become infected and only people with one or several deadly diseases (cunningly called "concomitant" diseases) die. 81% D1% 8C% 20% D0% 92% D0% B0% D0% BB% D0% B8% 20% D0% 93% D0% B5% D1% 80% D0% B0% D1% 81% D0% B8% D0% BC% D0% BE% D0% B2% D0% BE% D0% B9 & path = sharelink


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