A Bulgarian in Germany talks about the symptoms and how to deal with the virus! Does Covid19 kill us

After asking a question in a group of Bulgarians in Italy - I received first-person information! Not from the media, not from television, not from statistics on the internet! I am attaching photos for proof! Panic will make us mad and sick, but garlic, lemon and warm water, as well as peace of mind - can save us!

Read my question and see the boy's first-person answers!

The Question: - Link to the group

A call to all compatriots in Italy and around the world.

Is there any way to get someone involved who has encountered the first person with the virus

... and just help with first-person advice?

I will ask people sick or their loved ones to comment under the post?

Wishing all of them quick healing.

Judge me .... but so far I've only talked to one sick woman ... yes there is a flu.

I don't deny this!

I just want to know firsthand what exactly happens!

Since the situation is so global .... where are the people who are healed, why they don't write, how did it go, where are the patients who are under quarantine and sick, why don't they use social networks .. .and do not share???

So far, only one video has looked at a sick woman ... who releases daily updates ... about her illness ...... don't tell me that 97% of those cured have no access to social networks!

Why are there not people on the Internet ..... where they are now healed ....

What's up ... will anyone get involved ...?????

But someone with the hospital document that he has positive Covid-19 and his treatment plan, and his tips on how to protect himself ... what he feels, how to know about a rabies virus that has no symptoms is different from pneumonia .....

Someone who went through this .....

Or we will watch videos rotating on YouTube ... how scary the situation is ...and someone will make millions on watching their panicked videos

It's scary ... it's scary ... but not the virus is scary!

It's scary that we will be lockdown under control of who knows who???

It's scary that we only hear deaths ... and no one talks about the healers and their rates? Why 97% of the recovered people are missing from social media? Where are they? People, please do not believe in the fake websites making money or believe in people selling fear!

It's scary that you're dying of heart failure because of the panic!

It's scary that we are misinformed. Let's believe in the human being gone trough this Covid-19. Only they can help us to survive the virus, but no one can help us to survive through the army and the panic!!!

Who can explain that? The book for Coronavirus

I'm calling again to those who survived with tips ... whatever and how to do it ... someone help us with tips someone gets to pay attention first hand! Where are you, people?

Again, I wish the health of every living being.

I do NOT deny the virus!

I do deny the Panic and the world spreading of fake news

I deny the unnecessary panic that kills more people with a sick heart

I'm denying the fake news.

I deny that people are capable of creating holograms and robots ... they cannot control one disease


Sorry about the photos are in Bulgarian language but here is the link to the group - Link to the group



More information from Bulgarian virologist Plamen Paskov



I tried to explain in my videos the point of view and understanding of the process development, but apparently the lack of profile education in the vast majority of people, together with the inflated psychosis, panic and over-emotions of the terrible pestilence in Northern Italy, constantly overwhelm me with a generally collective question :

Why, in your opinion, if the IP is harmful and unnecessary (something that needs clarification, and is indicative of misunderstanding what I say and write), people in Italy die, the system fails, they do not get to bed and they cannot even bury them?

Well, once again, in short:

1. I don't know - how many have died. According to publicly available statistics, the deaths in Italy are more than a percentage, but not dramatically higher than seasonal flu.

2. Some see a direct connection between 5G antennas and the collapse of immunity that predetermines this mortality. It is possible, but I have not studied the subject. I have seen publicly available videos and materials claiming that these antennas have been switched off since # COVID19 began. A link is possible, but I can't comment

3. The health system itself may not be prepared for the number of people with seasonal respiratory problems in S. Italy. Then the feeling and perception will be like "many people", and in fact the problem may be organizational and supply.

4. These people in such an unprepared system may be in a hospital, but where overcrowding, chaos and lack of materials and staff are in a worse environment than at home.

5. How large can this mortality be understood if compared to:

number / percentage tested number / percentage infected, positive sample / percentage sick number / percentage population population / percentage tested concurrently for influenza and other seasonal respiratory infections number / percentage infected, positive, sick and died from other seasonal respiratory infection percentage of OTHER diseases number / percentage of these parameters compared to a minimum of the last 5, and even better 10 years. number / percentage of ANAMNESIS VITAE ET MORBI of all listed and a comparison of the factors for this. Only then can be judged : how dangerous a coronavirus is in itself, in combination with factors and so on.

Not in the absence of beds, places, breathing apparatus, or places in morgues and cemeteries.


Two months ago, a friend's 52-year-old brother died in Sofia. Relatively not a poor man. For 2-3 weeks they couldn't bury him for "the same reasons": lack of seats and a clogged system with many dead.

But he died not from a coronavirus, but from another.

Have I answered now?

Because basically it was contained in the sense and in the videos.

Ask for information the people who gone trough this!


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